Wolfson Performing Arts Society presents [in] visible (the final cut)





1-2 May 2009

at Lee Hall, Wolfson College, Cambridge University

[in]visible is a live Art Performance that explores the relation between proximities, similarities and dissimilarities of physical actions, shifting the frames of perception.

For this piece we researched and discussed love in different kind of relationships. It draws from autobiographical materials, observations and testimonies gathered through the collective creative workshops.

Ella: “can you hear?”… (long pause)

El: “what the silence?!”… (long pause)
Ella: [looks around, stands up and leaves]…
El: [puzzled] (long pause)… But…

(long pause) it is beautiful as it is!? (long pause)…

Performed by:

Christine Urbanski
Sabine Spindler
Neil Shailer
Liliana Del Villar
Rainer Engelken


Music adaptation:
Astor Piazzola

Devised and directed by Loreto Valenzuela in collaboration with Wolfson Performing Arts Society.

Five performances with a limited audience of 15 people per show.

Times and how to book will be confirmed soon.

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