u n d o n e: take two!

u  n  d   o   n   e research piece presents:

FRIDAY 6 NOVEMBER, 7 for 7.30 PM

is an informal talk about conceptual art. We would like to explore conceptual art ideas and conceptual artists statements like Marcel Duchamp’s declaration that “any existing object can be declared a work of art”. In this occasion our speaker will lead an informal presentation followed by a share discussion while making a conceptual art piece.

IMPORTANT: bring your dinner with you! 
£ 6 non members
£ 3 members


SATURDAY 7TH -MONDAY 9TH NOVEMBER, Sat 8pm-22.30pm / Sun - Mon 11 - 18pm

A Hole Inverted explores the use of a space to create a momentary situation of confrontation with

the chaos of displaced everyday objects, in this case ubiquitous stacking chairs by piling them up to enforce their presence through inversion. The artwork has been produced by the London based artist, Taren McCallan-Moore curated by Loreto Valenzuela.

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