In transit…

In transit…Das Wald: Eine Studie das Schwarzwald

There is something fascinating about encounters in one’s life. No matter how good or bad these are the possibilities of changing us in someway or another is unavoidable. Movement is ‘el cumpable’ of such as possibilities. Without movement, perhaps we will have very limited learning experiences.

Recently, I have had an encounter with a potter from Freiburg, Germany which brings into existence all sort of interesting connections with local and stories about the place (Freiburg). The deeper  the connection with her, the more I get to discover about the place, the live of a potter, her craft, art in the city and life stories.

Ika Schilbok is 89 years old artist (aka Töpferin), who not only made objects that are decorative, and have practical uses, but she experimented all the time with different materials, forms and shapes. Leaving behind a beautiful and diverse collection.

Due to her age and some health events in her life she ceased to work in the same manner than when she was actively running her Atelier. Her curiosity makes her to explore forms that relate somehow to her existence in time… (more to continue)

The idea of transit implies a sort of suspension, a moment that has been suspended in time yet with movement and not static. The idea of being in constant movement demands quick adaptation, increasing one capacity for being present, in time. Something very rare nowadays. I found myself constantly reminded of the moment. We not only mutate in the travel we made, but even is we don’t move we are learning something from somewhere.

These works has been created without intention only with the idea of immersing in the moment. I have used Ika’s workshop which creates a different canvas to my palette.

The forest paintings intend to appreciate the moment. While running or cycling in the black forest it is difficult to do that. Hence the paintings. The style is different from my practice, the intention is the same. Moments in movements.

Autumn leaf

Das Wald y el objeto.
Acryclic and clay.

Clay and Painting
Das Wald y el objeto. Acryclic and clay.
DAS WALD: Eine Studie das Schwarzwalds
DAS WALD 03: Eine Studie das Schwarzwalds
Das Wald: Eine Studie das Schwarzwalds.
Das Wald 01: Eine Studie das Schwarzwalds.
Das Wald 07: Eine Studie das Schwarzwald.
Das Wald 07 intersection: Eine Studie das Schwarzwald.

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