About me

I have asked this question many times
I have worked on the answer many more
  I have experienced the scene not enough
Yet I am vigilant of my awareness...

I am a freelance Performance Artist based in Cambridge/Germany.

‘No matter what I say about my work or how much I like to intellectualise about it, the truth of is that my work is because of mo[ve]ment’ LV

My work is, and my practice swings from the unfolding a creative process that becomes a method, it seeks to ask questions of an immediate inhabited world.

It fluctuates between the ‘hows’ and in ‘what manner’, a spontaneous creation, idea and a body, respond to certain spaces, theme and time and how these unfold to create a unique story. I’m interested in capturing and making visible these intensities; in this process liveness and presence become an essential part of the work. Each event presents the performer and the audience with an unknown space, with unfinished stories that seek to relate to them closely. As a result, the relationship between subject and object is altered, and are these ‘ongoing games of altering perspective’ that interest me.

On the canvases my work is not objectified but it involves a negotiation of intentions and gestural knowledge within the collaborative practices. Generating dialogues with the audience and participants is essential to my practice. Therefore the work seeks to be inhabited by the participants and actively engage them as creators.



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