2016 Cambridge Sustainability Residency



Cambridge sustainability Residency 2016 Proposal (with loose structures).

I would like to propose three active words that came to my mind when reading this year residency’s theme: Insulation and Growth.

  • These departing words are: repetition, destruction and anticipation.
  • Questions: What are the mechanisms or roots of certain acts/rituals/behaviours in which these words operate? What are the leading actions that lead an act to become hardwired/habitual? Can we shared this actions within a temporary community? and if so, how these ‘actions’ are chosen?
  • Imaginary: A chamber of a sort in the shape of a ‘hexagonal prism’ made out of household objects.

Suggested terms and readings: Heidegger’s ‘Wiederholung’, meaning ‘retrieval through repetition’. Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela’s term Autopoiesis. Michel Foucault: The care of the self.

For the outcome the outcome of my participation in the residency see. http://cargocollective.com/LoretoValenzuela.