Creating the mind representation with you hands


Loreto Valenzuela asks:

Can you imagine the language of the brain? Come and create your own representation of the brain functioning. In this hands‐on experience with plaster (AKA white clay) we will be trying to represent the brain code, with clay. Participants will be invited to discuss, with their fellow “table artists”, how ideas are represented and felt in the brain/mind, and to then try to mould their piece of clay to represent that neural/mind language artistically in plaster.

“I work with plaster because it gives me the opportunity to touch the realm of the mind: its unconscious/conscious layering. Plaster is a very versatile material, it can dry fast or slow, depending on the amount of water added. If you work fast then something very beautiful happens -­‐ the anticipation of an event that allows gesture to have a unique and sudden existence, sometimes even primordial, where a mysterious world unveils (to me).”

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