Collaborative Drawing Party

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There’s a time for drawing, it’s different from talking….. the Great Cambridge Collaborative Drawing Party encourages anyone, skilled, unskilled, young, old to come and join us in a surprisingly simple act.

You begin a drawing and at some point you give it up for someone else to draw into and so on until that drawing feels finished and full…In this way, Cambridge draws itself, doodles its collective mind, generates its zeitgeist.

With music provided by local artists, this great collaborative drawing party offers a surprisingly intimate, fun and hugely expressive thing for us to do together.  Above all it is collaborative act: no-one knows what will emerge since there is no individuated authorship and no expectations of skill but the affect of making beauty and meaning by the hands of many people creating lines and marks together is unmistakably powerful, getting to places where words might fail.

So come and draw with us, you’ll be amazed! Bring with you some of your favourite drawing tools, we will provide pencils and black drawing pens.

There’ll be an exhibition and silent auction of all artworks produced at a later date.

Sarah Butterfield and Loreto Valenzuela

For more information about booking a party, send us an email to

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