Do [Not] Manifest!

This is a physical piece exploring the mental and physical conditioning of a performer. It deals with the state of body and mind of the performer and his/her conditioning. First with his/her learn techniques and disciplines, then to the deconstruction of them. ‘It is impossible not to manifest, but so many manifestations have gone in vain’. What is the next stage of manifesting?

We began by asking the fundamentals, what is the role of the performer in our society? what happen when a performer makes private what is initially unintentionally public? meaning what if… he/she learns to control the instinctive  act of performing and makes a careful decision of what to perform even when the structures or directions are loose.  In times when manifesting seems not to be valid, but only a collective act that will cease to have any impact further, we asked who is there to manifest to and what? How can we by no manifesting make a big manifestation?

How can the public become private and transfer to the performer? and how can the performer discerned from what kind of public makes private? whose intentions are there in a manifestation? the audience or the performer?  how can a performer manifest for changes? real changes?

The piece is done in three parts, all three are experimentation of body, image and music.

To be presented at Judith Wilson Studio, English Faculty Cambridge University and Round House London.

Justyna Latoch (performer)

Minimal Sound System (sound and audio)

Alexandros Papathanasious (camera and post editing)

Jeremy Hardigham (studio support)

Conceived by Loreto Valenzuela in Collaboration with NeoM Experimental Arts group,

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