[in]visible (work -in -stage)

Wolfson Performing Art Society


a work in stage


Numerous connections,
———————— misunderstandings,
——-subject to order,
—- order subject to chaos,
——-chaos subject to order.

——– nothing can surprise us ————————

ANY more ———-
—–unless UNPLEASANT attempts ———-

POP UP in your window.

[ ]visibleA work-in-stage [in]visible explores simulated worlds in performance.

Dec 11th @ Lee Hall, Wolfson College, Cambridge.
8.45pm + afterthoughts.

Performed by:

Christian Fink
Korány Fanni
Sarah Triki Teurtroy
Neil Shailer
Liliana Del Villar
Rainer Engelken

Conceived and directed by
Loreto Valenzuela

Stage props and technical advise Shoaib Gangat.

[in]visible soundtrack:

Fernando Sor studio in B minor
Arrangement by Margarita Salazar
(accordion) Dodie Carte
(cello) Heather
(guitar) Margarita Salazar

Ambient sounds effect:
Margarita Salazar-Carter & Loreto Valenzuela.

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