At the moment my interests lie in the actor’s intentions when performing an action. It is particularly fascinating how physical improvisations or free flow movement exploration leads to unintended consequences, yet while the executing of these actions, the actor claims his/her conscious intention.

How does him/her developed a story out of an unintended consequence? How does the actor make a decision using his body, in other words, how he experience a “decisive body”? He tells a story yet his body tells another? Is he/she aware of that? or his/her decisive body acts on the pulling of a string of an invisible force? He/she is playfully in an open space with many invisible journeys. Then, suddenly, a shifts of direction and the actor’s journey changes. In what manner does the actor alters the balance of his body?

Often my work begins with an action and this action begins with a free movement or improvisation; an unconscious intention, then, this unconscious intention is recognised or made conscious by the observer.

although, this recognition gives the actor a palette of actions in which to compose a score of movements, he  still can play with the immediacy of the actions in which margins are loose, its order and its energy.Once he learns a score by repeating movements, he creates a story. All creative processes are unique to the actor therefore, each time there is something else to understand, another path to go, a milieu of possibilities at his chance.

The manifesto:

is that experimentation is at the core of the creative process, taking risks to push the limits.

is not to conform to any single artistic dogma and to let a free flow of ideas.

If you want to find out more about our work send us an email to neomexperimenta@gmail.com and  find out about our next workshop and performance. You can also click on News and find out more.

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